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Pneumatic Water Separator - Pneumatic Mist Remover From Nex Flowâ„¢

Newly developed "Liquid Super Separator" is often a brand new idea on the pneumatic mist remover not having filtration element. The "Element Free Pneumatic Water Separator" uses a unique centrifugal approach using "radial multi-nozzles" that may be earth patent unresolved as well as tends to make it possible in order to decline water mist (water as well as oil) that will 99.9%! This pneumatic mist separator is usually almost repair free, as there's no ought to replace virtually any filter element. A standard conventional sieve using a component and also automated deplete can be placed downstream to manipulate micron measurement even so the huge fruit juice and also mist removal of the separator help keep it thoroughly clean plus it may possibly definitely not call for factor substitution regarding a long-term interval with time. Maintains very reduced difficulty drop.

Air Knife, X-Stream, Curtain Blow-Off System, Nex Flow Pneumatic Water Separator Brochure.

Pneumatic Water Separator Features:

* No filter element
* Minimal force drop
* Maintenance free
* Complete mist rejection
* Mist being rejected quote : 99.99%
* Oil mist sexual rejection rate : 99.99%
* Semi-permanent durability
* Power free
* Complete with Auto-drain * No efficiency switch above time
* Trouble zero cost along with uncomplicated construction
* Large capability but compact
* Low cost

Pneumatic Water Separator Dimensions:

Three ordinary sizes.

(9 scfm)

(22 scfm)

(64 scfm)

Pneumatic Water Separator Specifications:



Max. function stream amount SCFM(Nl/min)

9 (200)

22 (500)

64 (1500)
Max. force shift (PSIG) (Mpa) Kgf/cm2

3.5 (0-0.025) 0-0.25
Operating strain array (PSIG) (Mpa) Kgf/cm2

140 (0.01-1.0) 1.0-10.2
Max force previous to failure(PSIG) (Mpa) Kgf/cm2

172 (1.2) 12.1
Fluid heat variety (F) (C)

(68 that will 140F) (-20-60C)
Type with drain valve

Automatic (can end up being cleared manually)
Air collection connection d iameter (inches)



Drain wall socket relationship diameter (Rc)

1/4 (6.35mm) One touching nipple Type
Weight (kg)



External Dimensions (mm)




SPECIALS - high pressure units, guide drain types, excellent substantial choices and small versions could be requested.

Using The Super Separator

Very large waters separators oftentimes used upstream to clear out fluid although it doesn't stop here stop downstream condensation due to temperature variation concerning the within as well as beyond the squeezed atmosphere line.

The X-Stream Super Liquid Separator is usually set up towards the end of a pressurised surroundings principal line in advance of a new branch line, or perhaps prior to the electric outlet with air conditioning use regarding the total knock back o f the mist because of the condensation indoors that tube and also take out any kind of oil mist for you to 99.9%. This clarifies that it's likely to acquire an basically repair cost-free functioning within the control of normal water in addition to dampness in air flow line. The only probable section alter is a substitute of the auto drain valve providing the condominium a partially long lasting existence time.

5-year assurance (except pertaining to vehicle drain)

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